Which Is Legal Entry Point For Penis?

Those who oppose gay marriage offer several reasons for seeking to deny the right of marriage between two people of the same gender. Church of Sweden pastor, Dag Sandahl not only opposes gay marriage, but he has made clear that he will not sanction the right of men to enter another body at the wrong point of entry. Two months ago, at a church meeting he confronted a female pastor who supported gay rights and said: “So, you think when you fuck somebody you should do it in the ass?” The result was an angry confrontation and the good pastor had to speak with his superiors about choice of words.

I have a strong hunch, which could be supported by hard data, that a high percent of men and women who have sex not only enter at the vagina area but also utiize the back portion of the body in order to engage in a little bit of back handed sex. Sandahl claims he has massive support, but how many of those who support him fit his description of what one should not do while engaged in sex?