Which Language To Speak?

I, together with millions of Americans, am the child of immigrants. My parents arrived in the United States without any knowledge of the English language. They always lived and worked in a Jewish community which meant they could ge through the day only speaking the Yiddish language. They read newspapers written in Yiddish and attended a shul where one prayed in Hebrew and spoke Yiddish. As the years went on, they eventually learned to read, write and speak in English, but, in all honesty, they could have readily survived with the Yiddish languge. They voted in every election since they would never miss an opportunity to vote. Oh, they always each day read one English language newspaper. I recently came across a case in Germany in which a Turkish family that arrived penniless, worked hard, began a business selling pizza until it collapsed during the recent economic problems that impacted Germany.

Mom and dad are barely able to speak German since their customers were always from the local neighborhood. The unemployment office is now demanding they learn German if they desire to receive unemployment benefits. I have no idea as to the connection between speaking German and receiving unemployment money. They worked, they paid taxes and no one demanded they speak German in order to pay their taxes, but now the demand is being made.