Which Nations Blamed For Failure to Act on Nazis?

The Simon Wesenthal Center has listed Norway, Sweden and Estonia among nations not doing enough to identify and prosecute Nazi criminals. Several nations are accused of not utilizing existing legal procedures in order to investigate and prosecute suspected Nazi war criminals. Norway and Sweden were placed in the F-1 category which places issues of principle as being obstacles to getting Nazi war criminals placed in jail. The entire issue of dealing with individuals who were part of the Nazi regime arouses emotions from those whose grandparents suffered through the horror of the Holocaust as well as those whose grandparents were the ones carrying out genocidal policies of the Holocaust.

In theory it would be justice if every single ex-Nazi who participated in slaughter was placed on trial and sentenced to some form of punishment. Sixty years have passed and the perpetrators are old, and some senile. How does one deal with individuals in this state of health who participated in atrocities?