Which Way Egypt In Gaza?

Stories continue to emerge from Gaza that Egypt is in the process of constructing a wall that would make it more difficult for Gazans to use Egypt as a point of entry into the besieged land. The Egyptian government has refused entry to a convoy of supplies from other parts of the world which wanted to bring goods into Gaza. “We are willing to be responsive,” said the Egyptian government, “to demands of humanitarian organizations, but we cannot turn a blind eye to the attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood or Hamas to use the situation in Gaza to stir unrest on the Egyptian borders.” The Egyptians feel trapped between demands from Palestinians to defend the people of Gaza and possible actions by the Muslim Brotherhood o use Gaza as a means of overthrowing the government.

A logical solution to this mess is ending the siege of Gaza and allowing goods and services to enter through an Israel enter point and thus obviated the need for smuggling. Egyptians blame Israel inaction on the need to end the blockade as the cause of its own problems. “Israel,” said a government officials, “wants to throw Gaza into our face and we are simply telling Israel that as an occupying power, it has responsibilities to honor.”

Yes, it is time for Israel to end the mess.