Which Way The Eyes Of Afghanistan Should Be Turned?

There will be an election next month and it is a certainty that President Karzai will win the election. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates argues “everybody has an interest in making sure that there are as few problems in the runoff election as possible in terms of providing legitimacy for the winning candidate.” The assumption of this comment is that whoever wins the election has to prove it came about as a result of honest ballot counting. But, is that really the issue. Assume President Karzai is re-elected in an honest vote. That result is as bad as if he won in a fraudulent vote because this incompetent, corrupt ruler will still retain in power thugs and thieves who rob blind he people of Afghanistan. The issue is not whether or not the vote is honest, but where an effective, honest government assumes power.

Once again, President Obama is asking the wrong question. The right and ONLY question is: — how can an effective,honest government assume power and lead the Afghan people in order to defeat the Taliban and create conditions for economic development. Perhaps, the best policy is canceling the election and forming a coalition government.