Which Way Zimbabwe?

The past decade has been horrible for most Zimbabweans as the corrupt and vicious regime of Robert Mugabe has throttled not merely freedom of expression but freedom to create a viable economic system. Since Morgan Tsvangirai became prime minister, the nation has taken a few stumbling steps to recovery, but the spectre of Mugabe always lurks in the dark. A visitor of Zimbabwe would see the reopening of supermarkets and people buying goods. Investors are returning as are thousands of refugees who fled the horror of Mugabe. Independent newspapers are now publishing as well as independent international media. There are even pictures of Mugabe and Tsvangirai laughing together in August, 2009.

However, there is another face of Zimbabwe. Politically motivated beatings of those who oppose Mugabe, teachers assaulted in their classroom because someone claimed they had criticized Mugabe and villagers forced to barter chickens in the absence of currency. Lawyers and journalists have been arrested and threats made to kill opposition leader Morgan Tsvanirai. This also in August, 2009

Morgan Tsvangirai has done an incredible job given the mess he inherited. Tax revenue is up to $60 million a month from less than $4 million when he took over. Nearly three million children are back in school and teachers have been paid. This also in August, 2009.

Unfortunately, South Africa refuses to take action on behalf of democratic forces in Zimbabwe.