Whimps And Heroes

General Stanley McChrystal told an interviewer there were “whimps” in the White House who did not support the effort in Afghanistan, and cited the US Ambassador to Afghanistan who had the nerve to claim President Karzai was not an honest man! On which planet is General McChrystal living? During World War II a similar situation arose in China which was led by a corrupt man named, Chiang Kai-shek and the result was loss of confidence on the part of Chinese soldiers regarding the war effort. An American general named Joseph Stilwell fought to get honesty in the Chinese military, an end to government corruption, and create an effective Chinese fighting force. He constantly confronted Chiang Kai-shek demanding changes. Another general named Claire Chennault, took the side of Chiang and insisted Stilwell was exaggerating. In the end, “Vinegar Joe Stilwell” was forced to leave, there were no changes, and the Chinese Communists eventually defeated the government and that is why China today is a communist society.

General McChyrstal reminds me of General Chennault, don’t upset anyone, allow corruption to go on and believe it is simply a matter of American forces “defeating” the Taliban on a field of combat. It is whimp behavior to believe confronting Karzai is the wrong move. It is whimp behavior to allow corruption to go unchecked while US troops die as a result of lack of civilian faith in government. Sorry, General McChyrstal, the only whimp is the one looking into your mirror.

Oh, the conclusion of my story is interesting. After being forced to leave China, General Stilwell was allowed to take 30,000 Chinese soldiers with him to Burma. US officers trained that division, they insisted on honesty, and that became the only division in the Chinese army that fought well against the communists.