Whistle Blowing Leads To Jail

Once upon a time  there was strong support for those who defied bosses in order to reveal news about those in power who subverted the law. That was then, today is now. Anat Kam was a member of the Israeli Defense Force when she happened to stumble on documents which revealed a plan to engage in premeditated murder of Palestinian militants in the West Bank. The Israel Supreme Court had ruled the Israel military must first attempt to capture these militants.

She was arrested for revealing state secrets, held for four months under secret house arrest and warned against passing on the information she uncovered to the media. She defied the military and gave Haaretz copies of some documents. She was tried and sentenced to over four years in jail.

A thin line exists between making public military information and letting fellow Israelis know their armed forces are violating the law. We believe the public has an unqualified right to know if  their military breaks Israeli law. Laws exist to assure our society is free and that citizens are entitled to know what goes on in their government.