White Christians Seek Overthrow US

Every time a Muslim terrorist commits an act of violence, our media makes certain all know it was done by a member of the Muslim faith. Four US Army Christian soldiers, have been arrested and charged with murder as well as threatening to over throw the government of this country. These four Christian soldiers purchased assault weapons, planned to seize control of Ft. Stewart and then proceed to Washington where they intended to kill President Obama. They even murdered a former soldier who they feared would reveal their plans. Michael Roark and his girl friend were lured into the woods and then killed to prevent knowledge of their plans being told to the police.

Why should anyone be surprised? Fox News and Rush and other right wing media folk constantly claim President Obama hates America, wants to impose
Sharia law and is not “one of us.” If hatred is preached nonstop, inevitably some will believe and some will gather arms to commit violent acts. Fox News should be on trial!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimmie.c.boswell Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    all are commiting treason against G-D, still here in TheTorah again. i do not believe that violence, is ever the answer to more G-Dlessness. i do not need any weapons of technology, to tell the truth of G-D. i do not need physical weapons, to defend myself in this second coming. i do not have a need, to force others to believe in G-D to Worship G-D. i did not need weapons two thousand years ago, and i do not need them still today. idolitors always use force, to corerce others to believe in their idolitry.