White Man Goes Berserk!

Every major mass killing in American history has been committed by a white male and yesterday, once again the pattern held true. James Holmes a Ph.D candidate in neuroscience at the University of Colorado in Denver, entered a theater and proceeded to kill over a dozen people. He had colored his hair red in order to present himself as The Joker from a Batman film. He was armed with four weapons, and wore a bullet proof vest along with a gas mask.

Mr. Holmes stood up, and began firing at will. There was no pattern to his murderous rage, he wanted to kill and kill. Before police could halt him, Mr. Holmes shot himself. We will never know what brought on this psychotic behavior. He simply fit the pattern. White, male, under 30, educated, a Christian, and in love with guns. Although no Muslim, no Hispanic, no black skinned person has ever committed such slaughters, just ask Fox News who should we fear.