White Man Kills People

He was described as a white male in his twenties who wore a leather jacket and camouflage pants. The mall was crowded in a small town about twenty miles south of Amsterdam as people were shopping and laughing and enjoying the pleasant day. He apparently halted, looked around, nodded toward a couple who walked by him, and then reached under his coat for something. It was a machine gun. He loaded a clip and pointed the machine gun at people. At least five fell dead, others lay on the ground moaning from their wounds, parents fled the scene clutching children, there were shouts of terror. After a few moments, he halted firing. He placed the machine gun pointed toward his chest and blasted himself.

We can well imagine if the man turned out to be a Muslim how people in the Netherlands would react. The anti-Muslim political leaders would be demanding new police action against the entire Muslim community. Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin would be declaring how this incident proved the need for all people to walk around with guns. Yes, Sarah, imagine if everyone had guns in that mall and began firing!

Just another day on Planet Earth.