White Zimbabwe Farmers Sue Robert Mugabe Govt.

In the 1970s, the country now known as Zimbabwe was considered the “bread basket” of Africa and its people had a higher standard of living than most African nations. The government of Robert Mugabe unleashed a program that drove white farmers and their black workers from the land in order to give farms to cronies and associates of President Mugabe. A tribunal of the Southern African Development Community(SADC) ruled the seizures were in violation of international law and farmers should be compensated or allowed to return to their farms. Mugabe has refused to acknowledge the right of a SADC court to rule on what happens in his nation.

Three white farmers are seeking the support of South African courts to sue for return of their land and it appears they will be successful in securing that right. The issue is not whether whites should have been forced to surrender their land to black Africans. The issue was the need for an orderly process which ensured competent black farmers were given the farms, owners were compensated, and the Mugabe program of giving land to his buddies never implemented. The Mugabe program ruined farms because instead of having them farmed by successful black farmers, they were run by a group of incompetent men and women who wanted money, not good farming.

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