Whither Democracy In Egypt?

The current situation in Egypt raises interesting issues concerning the meaning of democracy. Mohamed Mursi was elected president of Egypt when large numbers of liberal Egyptians refused to vote and thus Mursi gained victory by a few votes. He then proceeded to place power in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood which used this power to abuse the rights of other Egyptians. Coptic Christians were murdered and churches attacked. Secular Egyptians encountered violation of their rights. This situation led to an alliance between secular forces and the armed forces to overthrow the government of President Mursi.Tawakkul Karman, a Nobel Prize winner who campaigned for democracy in Yemen was denied the right to enter Egypt because she opposed the overthrow of Mursi.She argues: The Arab Spring is about building democracy. A military coup is the antithesis of that.”

She raises an important point,but also ignores an important point. Mursi was destroying democracy in Egypt. He was allowing innocent people to be attacked-and killed. Is it an example of “democracy” if a leader is allowed to destroy democracy?