Who Are Racists In France?

Mohammed Merah lept from a bathroom window to his death yelling anger at Jews and French people who he regarded as oppressors. It is clear this deranged young man had no connections with al-Qaeda or any terrorist group, he hated and he expressed his hatred. Marine Le Pen, whose party historically was noted for its anti-Semitism,  clearly expressed her ignorance, if not stupidity at what Berah did. She told France of her determination to “fight this war against these politico religious fundamentalists who are killing our Christian children,, our young Christian men.”

As far as I know, the only children killed were JEWISH! Le Pen and her father denied the Holocaust, and now they deny the deaths of innocent Jews. Standing off in the distance is President Sarkozy whose only interest in this horrible affair is how he can use it to get more votes.

After the horror in Norway when Behring Breivik killed dozens, the nation came together to find ways to prevent such tragedies. In France, political leaders are only interested in votes.