Who Are The Good Guys?

Among the great mysteries of these days is whey does the United States and western Europe always wind up supporting the “good guys” who, essentially, are not that different from the “bad guys?” Muslim fanatics have seized control of the northern region of this country, imposed their version of sharia law including amputating arms and legs as well as banning such terrible things as music. French forces are in the country to defend the country and seek to work with what is termed, the Mali Army. The Mali army, which allegedly seeks to restore peace and security, turns out to be the flip side of the nuts from northern Mali who use violence to impose their will.

People who originally lived in northern sections of the country and now live in the south are being subject to torture and abuse. As one man commented: “we are Fulani people(north), if we  look like Fulani and don’t have an identity card, they(army) will kill us. We are afraid.” Amnesty International claims the Mali army has murdered dozens of people who are Fulani. We hate to inform the Mali Army but killing the innocent only results in the innocent winding up supporting the bad guys!