Who Are The Israelis?

It is quite clear that Republicans will say or do anything in order to secure what they believe is the American “Jewish vote.” Newt Gingrich spouts off that Palestinians are not even a “real people,” but something made up by terrorist groups in order to pester the people of Israel. But, the real question is why have Israelis attracted right wing bigots who thirty years ago argued Jews could not live in their neighborhoods or attend their colleges?

So, who are the Israelis?

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman after meeting with Prime Minister Vladmir Putin, a described Russian elections as “absolutely fair, free and democratic!!”

Right wing settlers attacked an Israel army base in retaliation for soldiers removing “illegal” settlements. Of course, these are the same settlers who destroy Palestinian trees and desecrate mosques.

The New Israel Fund reports that more than 55 bus lines in Israel have segregated buses  to separate males and females– the females enter from the back of the bus!

Who are these people who call themselves, JEWS??