Who Are The Terrorists?

The  American government is constantly warning about the existence of terrorists whose goal is death and destruction. Israel is also among those nations which emphasize that Muslims are more prone to acts of terrorism than God fearing. loving Jews and Christians. Once again, unknown assailants struck in Tehran and killed someone. Two men on motorcycles drove close to a car, they attached a magnetic bomb to it, zoomed away and were not present when the car was exploded. The man in the car was noted Iranian nuclear scientist, Mustafa Ahmed Roshanan.

Mossad? CIA? How can anyone accuse Americans or Israelis of engaging in acts of terrorism? I forgot, when our side blows up people, it is simply an act of response to their threats of terrorism. There is strong suspicion, the assailants were Iranian dissident who were trained by Mossad agents.

Thank God America does not believe in terrorism!