Who Are These Creatures Of Night??

They prefer to attack villages and schools in the dead of night because they do not wish to encounter armed forces who have the capacity to engage them in gun battles. Their goal is simple-murder the innocent in the name of God. Once again the Boko Haram cowards struck at school children when they attacked the Federal Government College at Buni Yadi in the state of Yobe. These thugs locked the hostel doors and set the building on fire. As students attempted to flee they were shot or slaughtered like a sheep with having their throats slit. The Boko Harma killed and killed until at least 40 young people were dead. Boko Haram means-western education is forbidden. It is one thing to oppose education, it is another to murder the innocent.

President Goodluck Jonathan, president of Nigeria must live in another world. He described this slaughter as “quite worrisome” but assured one and all that “we will get over it.”

Yes, who are these creatures of the night?

Yes, who is this creature who passes for a president??