Who Believes UK And US Intelligence Knew About Torture?

Raise your hand from this page if you actually believe American and British Intelligence agents were aware that torture was being used on citizens of their nation by the Pakistan Intelligence? A report by Human Rights Watch blasts UK Intelligence for ignoring blatant signs of torture on the part of their Pakistan colleagues and thus allowed individuals who were citizens of their nation to be subject to torture. Four individuals who talked with British agents were able to display fingers which lacked fingernails. Are we to assume UK Intelligence believes fingers lacking fingernails are simply the latest fashion among people who are in prison and being asked questions? A Pakistani agent said both American and British agents knew all about the torture and could readily discern “clear and visible signs of torture.” Naturally, the British Foreign Office denies any such actions and assures the world the UK stands against torture.

I guess we are to assume according to the Foreign Office, having your fingernails torn out is not torture, but simply a choice made by the individual. Human Rights Watch demands an inquiry into the entire torture business and it is time both the United States and Great Britain accede to such an inquiry.

Naturally, those who conduct the inquiry will have their fingernails removed in order to understand the effects of such action.