Who Can Be Critical Of Israel?

Gunter Grass has committed the unpardonable sin of daring to make critical comments about Israel. His crime is two fold-he as a seventeen year old served in the German army during WWII for a few months and he is a German! Israeli Anshel Pfeiffer argues that “membership in an organization that planned and carried out the wholesale genocide of millions of Jews disqualified him from criticizing the descendants of those Jews.” Let me get this straight, if one participated in an evil organization that means forever one is not allowed to make critical comments. That is akin to informing any white skin person whose ancestors were slave owners that henceforth they can not make critical comments about those with black skins.

Mr. Grass has repeatedly demonstrated the evil of Nazism and has every right to say what he believes about Jews or Israel. Those who are furious should address issues raised by Mr. Grass and defeat his ideas with valid counter points.  As a seventeen year old boy I was prejudiced against gays and did participate in physically assaulting these men. I changed over time. If you disagree with my ideas concerning gays and lesbians confront me in the marketplace of ideas.