Who Castes The First Caste In India?

At some point in human history, a group of human life forms decided to identify members of the group by some form of classification, and before long, the idea spread to include designating groups both within and without the community by a name. And, as time still went on, it became clear how you were described corresponded to where you fit in the economic or political or social millieu of the group. Dalits have been known in India as, “Untouchables” for a few thousand years and the name suggests they were considered down below in the Hindu classification as to who were the good or bad people. Finally, a Dalit, Kumari Mayawati became head of India’s most populous state, Utar Pradesh. However, after a few thousand years of being shit on, Ms. Mayawati decided it was time for people in her nation to recognize Dalits as important. And, what better way to prove one is important than to build a statue.

20,000 Statues later and Ms. Mayawati still wants to construct a few more statues in addition to he 20,000 already built. It is wonderful having statues built to honor Dalit heroes, but with millions in need of food, spending $300,000,000 on statues does come across as somewhat glorifying those who do not need recognition.