Who Cleans Your House?

As one wanders the world of advanced technological societies it becomes quite clear that any dirty or cleaning work will not be done by anyone who was born and raised in the country. Those in the industrial world have abandoned the idea of heavy physical work and now import cleaners because the very idea that a person with a college degree should actually clean an apartment or house is shocking. Immigrants now constitute 41% of all Swedish cleaners despite being only 16% of those in the work force. In Stockholm, those born outside Sweden constitute 80% of hotel cleaners. The only occupation in which immigrants rank low as part of the work force is in sales. We can assume sales people supposedly have human relations skills and good command of the language.

I find fascinating that immigrants are a high percent of choreographers and am not surprised they are as bus or train conductors. I wonder what happens when immigrants send their children to college and no one is left to clean. I guess at that point we send for Robby the Robot.