Future historians will be completely confused when reading how the American media led by Fox News portrays the  current president of the United States. Republicans insist a  president who saved the automobile industry, who bailed out banks, who has many friends and supporters on Wall Street is somehow portrayed as a Socialist or Communist. He put forth a health care plan, that originally was proposed by Republicans, which supports a free enterprise health system, but somehow this law which brings untold wealth to capitalists is described as Socialist!!

Barack Obama is a nice middle of the road person who loves the American capitalist system. He has done everything in his power to protect its survival. There is absolutely not a single example of Barack Obama supporting a Socialist idea. Heck, even the Conservative run England has a national health care system and they are conservatives. Obama has continued Bush policies in Afghanistan, he has continued Bush policies in regard to human rights, he has continued Bush policies of never acting tough with Israel so how is this man a radical or Socialist??

The tragedy of Barack Obama is his failure to challenge Wall Street. The tragedy of Barack Obama is his failure to explain clearly the intent of his health plan and make certain all know it once was proposed by Republicans. His tragedy is failure to confront issues of civil rights stemming from the so-called “war on terrorism.” His failure is an inability to hold  press conferences where he openly would  respond to questions by the media.

If Barack Obama is a SOCIALIST then so is: Conservative David Cameron in England, Angela Merkel in Germany and just about every other conservative leader in Europe.

Frankly, the real issue is who is this man and what exactly are his basic principles?