Who Helps Asylum Seekers?

There are an estimated 200 million migrants living in a country other than the one of their birth, and the exodus from one society to another continues even in the face of a world wide economic crisis. The situation in Asia is impacted by the war in Afghanistan which has sent thousands fleeing to distant lands such as Indonesia or Australia. The recently concluded civil war in Sri Lanka led thousands of defeated Tamils to lose hope for a peaceful integration within their nation and to head for Australia. During the past decades as war raged in Sri Lanka, many Tamils left their homeland and went to Australia in search of work and peace. Now their defeated relatives are heading toward a southern clime which offers more opportunities for economic and social success.

Indonesia is upset that while the majority of refugees seek asylum in Australia, the Australian government insists that Indonesia should intercept the ships and intern the refugees in their nation. The general feeling of Indonesians is, “we can’t bear the responsibility alone.”