Who Is Afraid Of Big Bad Wolf?

About ten years ago, the United States had a president who enjoyed pretending he was macho man. Our beloved leader, George Bush never feared sending troops into battle because he feared no big bad wolf. After all, during the Vietnam War, his daddy had secured for him a nice quiet safe place in a National Guard outfit that was not going into battle other than at the local bar which he enjoyed very much. President Lee Myung-Bak of South Korea is a brave man, of course, he has never been in battle other than in the local parliament where he shot off his mouth in brave tones. The President told South Korea, “fear of war is never helpful in preventing war” and he would “respond relentlessly” to any further North Korean provocations. North Korea is led by a psychopath named Kim Jong-il who has absolutely no idea about war and what would happen to his own country if he sent troops across the border into South Korea.

Any sensible leader of a nation should know that “fear of war” means one must avoid war. War on the peninsula of Korea would be devastating to everyone and result in the death of hundreds of thousands of people. Calm down, and FEAR WAR even when dealing with the Big Bad Wolf.