Who Is Behind South Africa Anti-Foreign Violence?

The police of South Africa have “concrete evidence” of a suspected third-force involvement in the xenophobic attacks on immigrants over the past week. Barbara Creecy of the Gauteng legislature says there were elements who orchestrated the attacks and the number of people arrested has now reached 297. The police said it was their call whether to ask of intervention by the army to assist in dealing with rioters. Gauteng Premier Shilowa asked, “what kind of nation are we building? One which rejoices at someone who is burning, who is engulfed in flames?”

Hundreds of immigrants are being housed in shelters as reports come in of individuals killed because of their assistance to foreign workers. The owner of a construction company had his home burned and then was killed when the mob charged him with the crime of hiring foreign workers instead of native born South Africans.

There is little question, the attacks stem from economic frustrations on the part of poor South Africans at the slow pace of providing jobs. Part of the problem stems from the inaction of President Mbeki who has allowed his personal friendship with President Mugabe of Zimbabwe to avoid taking a hard stance against the dictator’s destruction of his nation. As Mugabe destroys his economy, the result is thousands flee to South Africa where they compete for jobs with native born people. One solution is restoring the prosperity of Zimbabwe.