Who Is First– Al-Qaeda, Taliban Or Afghan People?

We are entering the ninth year of the war in Afghanistan and it is obvious the United States government has never had a clear plan or strategy as to what was going to be accomplished or why these goals should be attained? In theory, the Bush/Cheney, Rumsfeld rhetoric was the to establish a democracy in that nation, but after eight years Afghanistan is nowhere near any form of democracy. Bush failed to focus on developing the economy of Afghanistan let alone its government and military forces. President Obama is now confronting next steps. Some voices in his administration urge focusing on destroying al-Qaeda and trying to build bridges to the Taliban. Other voices say send more troops and “win”(whatever win means) the war.

White House spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, said “having a strong and credible partner is extremely important to this process(stability and peace).” President Karzai heads a corrupt inefficient government and he frequently seeks to placate Muslim extremism at the cost of female rights. Secretary of State Clinton made an important point by noting the goal is to defeat al-Qaeda, butt not every Taliban was an ally of that group.

The bottom line is until the people of Afghanistan believe the government deals with their needs, there is no possibility of defeating the Taliban.