Who Is Funding Red Shirts In Bangkok?

Thousands of poor people have poured into Bangkok in order to demand honest elections and return of exiled political leaders. There is not doubt protestors represent the oppressed of Thailand, but the question concerning this reporter is what is the source of funding that would allow thousands of poor people to leave work and camp out in the streets of Bangkok? A spokesperson for United Front For Democracy against Dictatorship admitted Red Shirts have been receiving financial support from billionaire ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. According to Jaran Dithapichai, “I accdept that Thaksin himself and some politicians, including Khunying Sudarat, have given us financial support as have other donors, but I don’t know how much they have donated.” In other words, poor people are doing the fighting for Thaksin to recover his power.

As his followers were facing bullets in the streets of Bangkok, a photographer spotted Thaksin shopping at Louis Vuitton store in Paris. Perhaps, if he was a real hero, Thaksin would return to Bangkok and offer himself up for arrest and challenge the government to conduct a fair trial. My hunch, is he would rather go shopping while three dozen are killed and over 200 are wounded.