Who Is In Charge? Anyone?

The United States and members of the European Union have sent planes to bomb Libya in an effort to prevent Muammar Gaddafi from killing innocent people in his country. President Obama has made clear the US will simply assist in the initial stages of establishing a no-fly zone and then depart leaving NATO forces to complete the task. There is now a meeting in London among NATO, Arab League and African Union representatives to sort out exactly how this operation will be carried out. German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle is a reluctant participant since his nation is not too excited about the entire venture. The US assumed NATO had some sort of command structure which would come into action, but this appears more of a wish than a reality. Apparently, the only thing that has gathered agreement from all concerned is there is need for some sort of structure.

Kuwait and Jordan have promised to provide “logistical support,” while Saudi Arabia, as usual, is willing to fork over a few billion. But, a week after the venture began there is no clear command structure in place. How about contacting the Keystone Kops?