Who Is In Charge In Pakistan’s Tribal Areas?

In the topsy turvy world of Pakistan militant operations it is sometimes difficult to discover exactly who is in charge of what or what the fighting is all about. A tribal leader who defected from the Taliban group led by Baitullah Mehsud because he charged the leader was in secret contact with Israel and the United States has been gunned down in Pakistan. Qari Zainuddin, a 26 year-old rising tribal leader claimed that Mehsud was “an American agent” who was using suicide bombings to destabilize the country. According to Zinuddin, “these people (Mehsud and his men) are working against Islam.”

Up to this point it has been assumed Mehsud was in alliance with al-Qaeda to destablize Pakistan, but if what the former Mr. Zainuddin claims is correct, al-Qaeda is really an organization created by Mossad and the CIA to attack Americans and the Pakistan government in order to create chaos. OK, this sounds as reasonable as Republican plans to deal with the recession by cutting taxes, but is there some madness to the madness?

We will be glad to send a scorecard as to who is with whom in Pakistan for the low price of $1 million. Who knows, maybe I am working for the CIA and Mossad without realizing it!