Who Is In Charge Of Israel?

Last week while meeting with President Obama, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to evacuate illegal settlements on the West Bank and allow natural growth of existing settlements. Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, when hearing what the prime minister agreed to with Obama, described their understanding as “utter nonsense.” He insisted there was need to develop a comprehensive stance on regional issues rather than concentrating on “minutiae” of West Bank outpost evacuations. In the meantime, Defense Ministeer Ehud Barak emphasized the need to make clear to Americans there was no link between illegal outposts on the West Bank and dealing with Iran. He said there was need to engage in dialogue with residents of West Bank settlements, but if they would not agree to dismantle illegal outposts, he would recommend use of moderate force.

Exactly what is the policy of Israel in regard to West Bank settlements and exactly who is in charge of making those decisions? Netanyahu hired Lieberman knowing the man was a loose cannon and he must now live with the decision of having someone in his cabinet who believes the prime minister’s ideas are “utter nonsense.”