Who Is In Charge Of Pakistan-Bush Or Zardari?

The new rules of engagement which authorize United States ground forces to attack inside Pakistan that President Bush signed in July were never agreed to by Pakistan’s leaders or its military forces. Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Kayani, was told by American officials if his nation was unable to stem attacks from Pakistan into Afghanistan, there would be a new order of military procedure under which the United States would regard it has the right to send troops into Pakistan without permission. Kayani was under the impression, the Americans were requesting changes that would allow them to pursue and bomb, and he apparently did not grasp the reality when George Bush decides he is spreading democracy in the world, watch out because he alone makes decisions regarding the sovereignty of other countries.

Previous agreements with the Pakistani military allowed US forces who were in “hot pursuit” of insurgents to penetrate up to six miles inside Pakistan without requesting permission. Obviously, this did not please the man from Texas, who regards himself as an agent of God spreading democracy to benighted regions of the world. The situation is also growing more dangerous due to drone attacks which have killed dozens of people in Pakistan, including women and children.

The lonely voice of Prime Minister Gilani of Pakistan could only insist, “foreign forces can only provide information and share intelligence with Pakistan” and can not engage in military action without permission. Apparently, the leader of Pakistan believes he actually decides what goes on in his nation.