Who Is In Charge Of US Operations In Pakistan?

There have been extensive discussion in Washington D.C. regarding new approaches to deal with militants operating in Pakistan. Among the suggestions is authorizing Special Operations forces and the CIA greater leeway in instituting military campaigns in the northwest region of Pakistan which is home to thousands of militants. One problem is deciding which bureaucrat in the Bush administration will be in charge of such operations. The State Department wants our Ambassador to India to have final decision making on such operations. Meanwhile, the Pakistan military has announced it intends to capture Taliban leader, Baitullah Mehsud, dead or alive.

Each passing day makes even clearer the ineptness and disorganization of the Bush administration not only in conducting foreign policy, but in basic issues of military policy. From the moment the ill fated invasion of Iraq began without sufficient troops to carry out the mission, Bush has begun one policy after another in an endeavor to find solutions. The introduction of American troops in the northwest appears to be a mistake since it will only arouse anti-Westrn feelings even among those who dislike the Taliban. The central issue is creating a Pakistan army that is able to handle these situations because then it becomes a Pakistani solution, not an American one.