Who Is Karst Tates?

In the modern world, they emerge from the shadows of society and gain fame by some action that no one expected. Karst Tates was a man known by his neighbors in the Dutch town of Huissen as a withdrawn individual who lived alone and most probably dreamed alone. He had lost his job at a security firm and sat in the darkness of his house lost in dreams and wondering about his future. No one knows what finally propelled him to get in his car and head for the city of Apeldoorn where the queen was leading a celebration on the Queen’s national holiday. As so often in these situations, it is the isolate, the man without a sense of community, the man lost in some form of anger or discontent who lashes out at the world.

He admitted to the police his goal was to ram his car into her bus and try to cause serious injury to the royal family. Instead he wound up dead along with five other innocent victims of the attack. His name will disappear into the vortex of history, a footnote about a botched attack that killed a few and left the world with more questions than answers. Is the need to become known worth the sacrifice of one’s life?

  • Tank Sherman

    Hey, if your family had named you after a form of rock, for example: Limestone Stopsky, who know what you might have done in your life?

  • Larry

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