Who Is Medvedev And What Does He Believe?

Elections in democratic nations ordinarily offer candidates who announce their ideas in some type of platform statement. We know Dimitry Medvedev is a protege of President Putin, but does anyone have any notion as to his ideas or program other than continuing the present course of action? According to a recent poll, 65% of Russians know next to nothing about the man they will elect as their next president. His name appears on the ballot, Putin says vote for the name, and a majority will go ahead and do the right thing– vote for an unknown entity in the name of democracy. As of this point, Medvedev has yet to engage in a debate with an opponent, let alone announce his political agenda.

It was no surprise that former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov was disqualified from running for president despite obtaining nearly two million signatures for his candidacy. Putin doesn’t like individuals who are capable of challenging his one man authority so why not basically have a one man election. Latest figures are that Medvedev will get about 80% of the vote. When all is said and done, the new president will secure his training from the man he replaces and, as time passes, it may be difficult for the Russian people to realize someone else is now their president.

I suspect George Bush gazes with envy at the Russian system. No wonder he exclaimed that when he looked into the soul of Putin he discovered a man after his own heart.