Who Is Mitt Romney??

The mystery of who is the man currently going by the name of, Mitt Romney, grows ever more bizarre. Is this the same Mitt Romney who in the 1990s was for gay rights, who  spoke in favor of immigrants? Is this the Mitt Romney who championed the cause of health insurance for all including  requiring all citizens to purchase health insurance?  Is this the same Mitt Romney, who during the Vietnam war scurried off to France in order to preach the Mormon gospel rather than  serve in his nation’s armed forces?

Well, today, this man named Mitt Romney has a different attitude toward war. He wants President Obama to employ US military forces in Syria. When it comes to risking the lives of Americans, the new Mitt Romney is ready to send any American into combat as long as they are not members of his own family.   President Franklin Roosevelt’s sons fought in World War II, Mitt Romney’s sons make money during wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.