Who Is Mr. X In Israel Jail??

There are times when Israel phobia concerning “security” leads to situations in which a democratic nation crosses the lines of respect for individual rights. Unfortunately, Israel, regardless of the issue covers itself in the mantle of “national security” and, supposedly, that takes the item off the table of discussion. A strange story has emerged from an Israeli prison concerning a “Mr. X” who is in a special cell, no one knows who he is, no one is allowed to visit him, not one knows why he is in jail, and no one even knows if he has been charged with a crime, convicted of a crime or serving a sentence for a crime. A website which offered the explanation that he was guilty of espionage had its material deleted.

This is the year, 2010, in the twenty first century and Israel has a man locked in a cell without any charges being laid and denied basic rights known in the civilized world. We do not know if this man is guilty of anything, we do not know if he is a horrible monster, but actions such as these result in the world losing respect for Israel as a democratic nation. Charge the man or, at least, provide him with a lawyer.