Who Is On First In Egypt?

These days it becomes increasingly confusing as to who is on which side of the tragedy which daily occurs in Egypt. The Islamic Muslim Brotherhood has been crushed due to its incompetence although fundamentalists belonging to the Salafists are beaming with joy at failure of fundamentalists to retain power in Egypt. Let me explain. Salafists seek to impose a religious centered government which adheres to the belief that solving economic problems relies on imposing religious values and beliefs on the population. So, they have allied with secular groups that seek to end religious ideas as the center of society.

I admit to a bit of confusion. Egypt desperately requires placing in authority technocrats who make decisions based, not on religion but upon economic reality. The economy must move in the direction of technology, an intelligent economic plan and unleashing the creative talents of Egyptians. Sorry, this will not occur if religious fanatics prefer God over a booming economy. There is a time for purity and a time for food on the table.