Who Is On First In Libya

Rumors are flying around as much as NATO planes are flying around, and the problem is few, if any people, know who is on first, second or playing in the outfield. There is a thing termed, “rebels” whose main purpose is to get rid of Muammar Gaddafi but within this group are several factions. We know some are from al-Qaeda and they are delighted at the opportunity to once again secure arms from their beloved CIA which supplied Muslim militants fighting in Afghanistan. Should we once again supply people whose purpose in life is to get rid of the United States? On the other hand, rebels also include secular people seeking to establish a democracy in Libya. Then again, there were such people in Afghanistan in the 1980s and they got wiped out by the Taliban who were supplied by the Pakistan version of the CIA–the ISI.

Turkey is floating a peace plan which would retain Muammar and allow formation of a democratic process leading to a government without Muammar. Does anyone wish to trust this nut case with voluntarily leaving office? Should we expect him to use the billions stored away to influence any election?

Frankly, I would like to know who is pitching and catching for the team before agreeing to anything.