Who Is Raymond Davis?

The only thing certain at this moment is that we Believe there is a man named Raymond Davis and that he comes from America. At this point, the identity of this man is uncertain, who he works for is unclear, but he certainly knows how to use guns. Raymond Davis sits in a jail in Lahore, Pakistan and he is brooding and, most probably, a bit frightened that he will never emerge from his cell as a living person. All those guarding him have been deprived of weapons in order to prevent an assassination of Davis. There are reports of women entering his cell as well as dogs licking his food in order to ensure that he is not being poisoned. This bizarre story began a few weeks ago when Davis was on his way to work for the American government when, according to his version, two men on motorcycles tried to shoot him, but he beat them to the shot and killed both. One version claims he left the car and pumped a few extra bullets into two men, another version has him shooting both in the back. Select any version you desire.

Raymond Davis is simply one more in a fifty year record of incompetence on the part of the CIA. Who doesn’t know he works for that outfit?