Who Is Real Azizullah?

Commander Azizullah stems from the Tajk minority in Afghanistan and has been working with American Special Forces for many years. There are those who claim he leads a group of mercenaries described as “the most effective fighting formation in Afghanistan,” and there are those who claim he is guilty of murder, rape, desecration of mosques and a sworn enemy of the more dominant Pashtuns. A recent Report on Azizullah went at great length to describe his brutality, but most American military people dismiss the charges as an attempt to shut down a fighting group that is feared by the Taliban. There are those who want him removed immediately from any connection with American military forces and there are those who want more fighters like him in the battle against the Taliban.

Take your selection as to which version is close to the truth. Frankly, there are many people in Afghanistan who do not trust this man, and although bias is present in any description of those fighting in Afghanistan, perhaps caution might be part of our relations with this man.

  • ghazi

    this claim is complatly wrong.i have been living in paktika provine.iam a wentness that he is killing the enemy of afghanistan we only saythat he is the hero of our nation .please verify the truth and published.

  • Zaland Afghan

    this claims is 100% wrong just he killed afghanistan enemy and taliban he is very good guy and he is Afghan Border police commander
    commander Azizullah is very Hero young of afghanistan.

    Thanks. Zaland Afghan.

    Best Regards.

  • shafi

    no man the claims is not right becoce of this man we injoy peace ful life he is the hero of urgun e we love azizullah

  • SWe

    Long life Azizullah!

  • matin shaida of orgun khanadar

    he ia the best for afghanistan long life azizullh jan gode bless you