Who Is That Strange Guy?

Theere is a man who now lives in Russia and has attrated the attention of President Vladmir Putin. Vladimir is a bit confused about the whistle blower because in dear old Russia blowing a whistle will summon the police and you might wind up in prison. Accoridng to Putin this Snowden man “is a strange guy.. I think he condemned himself toa rather difficult life.” In dear old Putin Land, if someone revealed information they ordinarily would be directed to the nearest prison,not the Moscow airport. Perhaps, one day the world will understand exactly what Edward Snowden wanted to do and where he wanted to go. Let me suggest to Mr. Snowden:

1. Mongolia is seeking people to help run their booming economy and the government would welcome those with high tech skills.

2. Bolivia would love Mr. Snowden and he would be provided unlimited good pot.

3. I hear there are plenty of places in Afghanistan where a man can live apart from humanity.

4. Of course, there is always India if Snowden would like to be raped.

5. I suspect our beloved NRA would provide Edward with lots of guns and he could blast away to his heart’s content.