Who Is That Woman?

Every so often in  American life some woman appears on the stage of power, since for some reason, men find her attractive or intriguing or something. The latest Mata Hari is one who is called, Jill Kelly. Dark haired, with big breasts and somehow appealing to men, Ms. Kelly is now in the center of a storm of political conflict. Republicans have discovered the women who played some sort of role in the infamous Petraeus affair actually went on a TOUR OF THE WHITE HOUSE! Wow! Imagine an American citizen going on a tourist tour of the White House! Gee, what next, walking up the Statue of Liberty??

I guess each man has his version of which woman is gorgeous or sensual. I would quite easily pass by this woman without a second glance. But, then again, she gives parties and charity events while heavily into debt. THAT is the most intriguing aspect of this woman. How does one live the good life while broke? I have no doubt some conservative pundit has commissioned  a book whose purpose is to prove that Kelly was the secret lover of  President Obama or, she was the lesbian partner of Michelle.

Tune in for the next report about Kelly. Just in, she was seen on a boat that was going around Manhattan island!