The mystery of Barack Obama continues to defy explanation. Conservative crazy comments such as his supposed Muslim background simply divert focus on the real issues of this man. He ushered in his presidency with a dramatic drive for healthcare, but within a few months it was clear the program was confusing to most Americans and Congressional Democrats felt abandoned as he turned to other areas of interest. During his initial months in office, many emphasized the importance of a national works program that would provide jobs to the unemployed, but he displayed a confusing indifference to the topic. Obviously, he wanted work for the unemployed, but moving from this desire to action was never displayed. A passivity replaced bold ventures of the first months of his administration. But for some reason, he became frightened at what he believed was hostility from Wall Street and leaned over backwards to mollify their complaints even as the number of unemployed rose higher and higher. Instead of action, there were constant comments about jobs around the corner.

I believe Barack Obama wants to provide jobs and health care for all Americans. Unfortunately, in the real world, words can never replace the passion of desiring and then doing!