Once upon a time the people of America decided they did not wish to have anyone like George Bush as the president of their country so they elected a nice young black skinned man named Barack Obama. This young man had taught the Constitution to those in college and it was therefore assumed he understood the meaning of that document, unlike our previous president. So, we all became a bit confused when the man we call, Barack Obama, decided the Miranda rights need not be read to “suspects” because in modern America if the police arrest anyone who looks suspicious, they have a right to term that individual a “terrorist” and suspend their rights to anything. Our former Constitutional professor told the media there might be occasions in which a “suspect” is just too much of a “suspect” and therefore to prevent the “suspect” from actually committing a crime, it is best to simply lock him up and throw the key away.

I am so happy we got rid of George Bush who knew as much about the Constitution as he knew about getting rid of WMD. Now, we have a president who knows about the Constitution and has decided it is out-of-date and in need of change. Now, about his opposition to drilling for oil offshore, ………. ?