Who Is The Real Rudy Giuliani?

As the campaign of Rudy Giuliani slowly sinks into the eastern sun, questions continue arising about who is this man and what does he represent? Latest Florida polls indicate he might wind up in third place in a state Rudy insisted was his to win. His bombastic approach to politics is based on continually claiming things he never did and deriding efforts of others who did. He claimed credit for the police commissioner’s plan to halt crime in New York City and then fired the man. He claims to have done something to”fight terror” but as of this date, has nothing concrete to show except that he wandered around New York City on 9/11 showing his face to the media. He claims to have taken on the mob bosses and wiped them out, but, as of this date, most are alive, well and functioning in New York City.

In a powerful column by James Harmon that appeared in the New York Daily News, the former platoon leader in Vietnam raises questions concerning what happened to Rudy Giuliani, the brave warrior, when war raged in Vietnam. Harmon quoes Katie Levinson, a Giuliani spokesperson as saying Rudy opposed the Vietnam war on “strategic and tactical grounds” while a biographer quotes Giuliani as saying, “Vietnam didn’t meet the conditions of what Catholics call a just war.” The proud Republican voted for Democratic candidate George McGovern but now Rudy claims he voted for him “only because I knew he was gooing to lose.” A rather strange reason for casting a vote, but Mr.Giuliani does many strange things.

Afteer he was hired as a law clerk by Manhattan federal judge Lloyd MacMahon, the brave young warrior applied for a 2-A occupational deferemnt -which his draft board rejected. A man who boasts of being willing to challenge terrorists, and proudly points out he threw Palestinian leader Arafat out of New York, demonstrated his bravery under battle by appealing this rejection. He won his appeal and was protected fom the draft until sometime in 1970 when he drew a high lottery draft number.

Who is Rudy Giuliani? Brave fighter against terrorism? A fighter against crime? When, all is said and done about this brave American, history will note and long remember his greatest military triumpth– he defeated the squeegee men who wiped car windows. Mayor Giuliani halted them, made them cease and desist from their criminal behavior, and assured drivers entering New York City they never again would be bothered by evil, dirty squeegee men attacking their windshields. If there is a place in Heaven for brave warriors, Rudy Giuliani deserves one!!

  • Walter77777

    This was a fine analysis of Rudy. Rudy is a bully, and the people of FL are apparently realizing this as he refveals himself to themin his campaigning in that state.