Who is White in America?

A girl who is of Indian heritage (from India) was denied enrollment in a school for gifted music students because she was not “white.” Mark Twain school on Coney Island in New York operates under a court ordered quota system established back in the 1970s which mandated that 60% of seats be set aside for white students and 40% for minority students. The original concept was to raise enrollment of minorities. The girl scored a 79 but was required, as a minority applicant, to get at least 84.4% while white students only had to score 77%.

This is a fascinating case because back in the 1920s in the Thind Case, an immigrant from India went to the Supreme Court arguing he was “white” and therefore entitled to become a citizen at a time when citizenship could be denied people from Asian heritage. Mr. Thind noted that the “Aryan” race originated from India which technically made him of “white” background. The court in its weird decision claimed that although “technically” he was correct anyone who looked at him would know he was not white.

As America increasingly becomes racially diverse due to inter-marriage the entire concept of “white” and “black” is becoming meaningless. At some point, we have to confront the reality that America is a racially diverse society.