Who Is Who Or What?

I confess to having been born in a world in which there were men and women. Yes, I did know when going down to Greenwich Village that homosexuals existed in the world. But, they were not part of my daily life. A court in Russia was just presented by an interesting case. A man appeared before the judge and informed him that he was born a female and decided to transform himself into a man. So, he had the necessary medical procedure. At this point in time, the nation of Russia has no legal definition of anything known as “transgender.” The man went to the local registry office in order to make clear to the government that he was NOT a female, but a man.

The judge was a bit confused. He initially demanded medical proof that a man was in the court. This was provided. The judge was also told the medical procedure could not be reversed, for better or worse, a man was in his courtroom. So, the judge ordered authorities to list this person as a “transgender.” It will be interesting how President Vladimir Putin handles the presence of a transgender in his homophobia Russia.

My query: If the judge refused to list him or her as a transgender, then who or what is he or her or transgender?