Who Killed Palestinian Ambassador?

Jamal al-Jamal was the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic and was going about his day in peace, far, far away from conflicts raging in the Middle East. For some reason, he decided to check out a safe that had been lying around the embassy for over twenty five years. He opened the safe door and BOOM, he was blown to pieces. The Czech police investigated the explosion and concluded that someone years ago had booby trapped the door so that whoever opened it would be blown up. The Ambassador’s daughter is wise to the workings of the Middle East and denounced this simplistic conclusion insisting that it was murder. “We, the family, believe it is a crime, and we need to know what happened.” Thank God there are wise people in the world who understand that “accidents” never occur, someone is Always behind the so-called accident. This intrepid reporter has uncovered the mystery of this alleged “accident.”

1. In 1983, a secret Mossad agent infiltrated the Palestinian organization and arranged for the booby trap in order to murder Yasser Arafat, head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
2. After failing to blow up Arafat, the Mossad poisoned him and he died(supposedly)
3. The National Security Agency picked up a conversation being held in Jerusalem by Mossad agents concerning the long delayed plot to kill Arafat. They discovered that Arafat was STILL ALIVE. He has been secretly hiding in a synagogue in Jerusalem in order to hide from his followers that he had secretly converted CIA agent.
4. Edward Snowden gave this information to Mossad agents who then decided to murder the ambassador in order to protect the new life of Arafat.

I trust this explanation satisfies the daughter. Yes, my dear, there are NO Accidents in real life. In the end, just blame it on the Mossad.