Who Knew What When In Pakistan?

President Obama is not the only one in America who wonders why Osama bin Laden lived in peace and tranquility a few miles away from a major Pakistan military establishment. He told the CBS TV show, 60 Minutes, “We don’t know whether there might have been some people inside of government, outside of government, and that’s something we have to investigate, and more importantly, the Pakistan government has to investigate.” A few days ago, CIA director, Leon Panetta told Congress in blunt terms that Pakistan had been “either involved or incompetent.” We suggest he made a mistake in this characterization, they were obviously involved AND incompetent! Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Hussain Hawwani promised “heads would roll” once army chief General Ashfar Kanyani completes the investigation. Sorry, this is akin to having the fox be in charge of who ate the chickens.

The Pakistan government is making sure foreign news media gets the hell out of Abbottabad before they uncover damaging evidence. Reality is the Pakistan MILITARY AND GOVERNMENT knew about the presence of Osama bin Laden, but preferred keeping him around in case the terrorist could assist in terrorist attacks on India.